Building The perfect software 🚀

As from a developers perspective, building a software that’s great and stable usually take a lot of hard work and patience. You might have also experienced it as you start you develop on your own.

It’s just so simple to create the best software. But anyway nothing is perfect. Well, here are some few steps to improve your code writing 😃 !

Use Linters 🧼

Using code linters in your programs helps you find bugs and problems in your code. There are no particular linters for any language. But there are the most popular ones :)

  • Eslint: For Javascript or Typescript developers, Eslint is the best option as a linter.
  • SwiftLint: Among Swift Developers, SwiftLint is the best linter out there!
  • ClangTidy: A built-in linter included with the LLVM’s Clang Compiler.
  • Flake8: Source Code Checker for python ✅ . PyLint is also an alternative option 😃.

And you can find more in there!

Adding meaningful comments and commit messages 🤓

Having human understandable comments in your code helps you realise what the specific code does. Using git to add meaningful commit messages will also really help you fix bugs and understand what change has caused the bug to result in.

Ask out for Help 🤠

The developer community out there is ready to help for you. We have StackOverflow and lot of websites where you could ask questions based on programming and technology and people would answer for it.

Thanks for reading 📖. Feel free to reach me out on Twitter @HaneenMahdin



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